Premium Re-cycled Micro fiber filler

Category- Cushion/Pillow Filler

Sub-Category – Cushion /Pillow Filler
Product Name- – Premium Re-cycled Micro fiber filler
Product Code – TD-CF/PF-01

Product Story – A premium super soft/plush seat cushion filler offers an extra layer of comfort when its time to rest. Designed to cradle your body for added comfort, it comes in three-variants of re-cycled micro fiber filling, fresh grade virgin micro fiber filling and memory foam grade. Customizable to any desired size/outer shell material.

Product USP – Re-cycled Micro fiber -sustainability, eco-friendly. Premium super soft/ plush feel for added comfort.
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About the Product
Composition: Shell- Giza Cotton Satin Filling- Premium Re-cycled Micro-fiber filling
Country of Origin: India
Manufactured By: TDHIL INDIA
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