Head Rest Cover
Product Code: TD-HRC-01
As India’s largest manufacturing company of cabin appearance products, we offer a wide range of premium fabric and pleather based Head Rest Covers in an array of colors, finishes and branding options.
Product Code: TD-BL-01
Travel Blankets designed using high quality yarn for added comfort and breathability. Comes in different varieties such as yarn-dyeds, jacquards, specialized jacquards and polar fleece.
Cushion Cover
Product Code: TD-CC-01
Soft & comfortable cushion covers that are easy to use. Made up of extra soft fabric to enhance your experience as you rest. These plush cushion covers are customizable in a variety of premium fabrics, colors and designs such as jacquards, solids or prints.
Pillow Cover
Product Code: TD-PC-01
Premium Pillow covers crafted in 100% Egyptian cotton base. These ultra premium pillow covers are customizable in a variety of fabrics, colors and designs such as jacquards, solids or prints.
Cushion/Pillow filler
Product Code: TD-CF/PF-01
Premium super soft/plush cushion/pillow filler offers an extra layer of comfort when its time to rest. Designed to cradle your body for added comfort, it comes in three-variants. Customizable to any desired size/outer shell material.
Damask- Napkin/Table cloth/Tray Liner
Product Code: TD-NK/TC/TL-01
Very useful product needed during travel. Can be customized to client’s size/fabric/ pattern needs. Comes with button hole for the good functionality and fitting. Easy to use and washable. Leaves footprint of hygiene and luxury in the mind of travelers.
Duvet Cover​
Product Code: TD-DC-01
100 % cotton Premium duvet covers for feel of added luxury and comfort. Easy to use and washable. Leaves footprint of hygiene and comfort in the mind of travelers.
Product Code: TD-DU-01 
Plush and super soft quilted duvet for feel of added luxury and comfort. These are carefully crafted in most premium base base fabrics and filled with virgin micro fiber filling for utmost comfort. Leaves footprint of luxury bedding and comfort in the mind of travelers.
Mattress Topper​
Product Code: TD-MT-02
Cabin bedding items that make your seat extra comfortable and plush. Makes your travel more relaxed in long haul flights. Created in different sizes as per the client’s need. Convenient to use & comfortable to sleep on. Handy and easy to clean.
Product Code: TD-UT-03
Comfort and functionality are two key aspects of any clothing need and we service multiple corporates in the category of functional clothing, such as ramp jackets/ protective clothing, personal protective equipment(PPE) and Oven mitts.
Product code – TD-SS-02
A sleep suit keeps the person comfortable and safe through night. Lightweight and cozy to make you relax. Best quality fabric used to make each piece. Checked under supervision of professional quality team to avoid product safety issues. Can be made in any colour/ print /quality etc.
Eye mask
Product Code: TD-EM-03
Premium Eye mask made up of soft satin fabric which represents luxury. Specially customise printed logo to give a visually eye catchy look. Keeps your mind relaxed by its soft fillers.
Socks tube
Product code – TD-ST-05
“Socks tube keep your feet warm. Made on special knitting machine to create the softness in fabric. It comes in a wide variety of colors and fibers with added functionality.
CARPET Slippers
Product Code: TD-SP-01
Comfortable slippers in good quality fabric for your feet. Travel friendly Eva sole to relax your feet. Can be customized in a variety of premium fabrics, colors and branding options.
Head Rest Cover – Polymer
Product Code: TD-DIS-HRC-01
We offer a state of the art set up for widely customizable disposable head rest covers and proudly hold major wallet share for this category across airlines and railway companies in Indian sub-continent.
Product Code: TD-DIS-CC-01
Soft & Comfortable cushion covers that are easy to use. Enhance your mood with added comfort. Made up of extra soft material to give you better sleep. This product undergoes stringent AQL inspection to maintain highest quality standards.
Product Code: TD-DIS-CF-01
Premium disposable cushion fillers that are crafted in a polymer outer shell and filled with poly-fill or hypo-allergic micro fiber to avoid any health issues. Customizable to any desired size/outer shell color.
Disposable Linen Damask​
Product Code: TD-DIS-LD-01
A disposable Linen Damask set ideal for a premium feel yet cost effective to save any trouble of post use maintenance. This offers a perfect solution for any quick turn- around long routes where in-between Linen Laundry poses a challenge.
Product Code: TD-DIS-TL-01
Represents attention to food safety and hygiene. Attracts travelers by its vigilant/bright colors often clubbed with branding. Made in easy to use and disposable quality, we hold a state of the art manufacturing center for.
Sustainable Disposables​
Product Code: TD-DIS-VHRC/VTL-04
With the company’s continued focus on sustainability, this range of disposables is crafted from Viscose, a Botanic fiber. With many added functional features apart from being good for you and the nature, this is definitely a step in the right direction
Hot & Cold Towel​
Product Code: TD-DIS-HCT-01
A utility item, this 100% cotton Hot & Cold towel, offers comfort and shows extra attention to Hygiene. A must have disposable product that leaves the traveler more satisfied with the services and uplifts his overall experience.