Premium Wool Blend Blanket

Category- Linen Products Washable

Sub-Category – Blanket
Product Name- Premium Wool Blend Blanket
Product Code – TD-BL-01

Product Story- A premium wool blend blanket for extra comfort and warmth. This soft blanket is inspired from the traditional Sozni embroidery from the Kashmir Valley, India and uses a unique “Kaani or Cut-jacquard technique “ to bring out the intricate design.

Sozni is one of the most exquisite forms of needlepoint embroidery. This needlework technique is used to adorn pashmina shawls to make the shawl look encrusted like a tapestry by layering fine embroidery. For instance, to create embroidery panels of 0.5 inch to 1 inch on all 4 borders of a shawl takes 1 month, 2 months for jaali work(mesh work), while doing embroidery all over a shawl (also known as Sozni Jama) takes close to two years. It is practiced in Kashmir and has no parallels in the world.

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About the Product
Composition: Premium Wool Blend

Country of Origin: India
Manufactured By: TDHIL INDIA
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